Safe Boating Awareness Week

Safe Boating Awareness Week 2024 – Coast to Coast gives you the opportunity to access safe boating messages from people and agencies with a vested interest in boating safety from one end of the country to the other.

Download messages for education or media use or sharing on social media. You can also reach out to our representatives at the contact information given, for more on safe boating in Canada.

As well, you’ll find more great boat safety information at or

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May 18-24, 2024 – North American Safe Boating Awareness Week

North American Safe Boating Awareness Week will take place across Canada from May 18th to May 24th, 2024. The purpose of this initiative, managed by the CSBC (Canadian Safe Boating Council) and its partners, is to promote safe and responsible boating practices.

In Canada, over 16 million people enjoy recreational boating. And this number continues to go up each boating season as many people new to boating are taking to the water for the first time.

Although this ‘new’ to boating group has made boating safety information more critical than ever before, boating safety was still an important communication by boating safety educators and advocates to make boaters more aware of their roles and responsibilities to themselves, their passengers, other boaters and those on shore.

To help boaters focus on what is important, the CSBC and its partners are promoting five key boating safety messages directed toward the most common boating-related incidents. They include:

  1. Wear a lifejacket.
  2. Boat sober.
  3. Be prepared. Both you and your boat.
  4. Take a boating course.
  5. Be aware of cold water risks.

As well, you’ll find more great boat safety information at or

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To help deliver these messages, the CSBC has reached out to boat and water safety groups and agencies.

"Safe Boating is not just a week-long affair. To ensure an enjoyable boating trip for everyone, be safe and stay safe and always wear your lifejacket." – John Gullick, Chair, Canadian Safe Boating Council
“The number of boats on our waterways keeps growing - big and small, powered, sail, and human powered. When you venture out, be prepared and be safe." Josée Côté, Directrice Générale/General manager, Nautisme Québec
“When people think about driving impaired, they think about a car on the road. But operating a boat while impaired is just as dangerous and illegal.” – Jaymie-Lyne Hancock, President - MADD Canada
“We know that time spent outdoors is good for us, both physically and mentally. Outdoor activity continues to thrive, especially in paddling, and it is important for new and seasoned paddlers to be safe while enjoying their time on the water.” - Michelle McShane, Executive Director – Paddle Canada


The media continues to be the key platform for disseminating boating safety messaging to those who will head out on Canadian waterways in their powerboats, sailboats, canoes, kayaks and personal watercraft this season. Available on the CSBC website is a variety of readily usable press releases as well as downloadable print, radio and television PSAs to interest your listeners, viewers and readers. For interview purposes, we can also provide access to local volunteers. Simply contact Ian Gilson to arrange.

For more information relating to Safe Boating Awareness Week, please e-mail

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