Safe Boating Awareness Week

Safe Boating Awareness Week 2021 – Coast to Coast gives you the opportunity to access safe boating messages from people and agencies with a vested interest in boating safety from one end of the country to the other.

Click on your province and download messages for education or media use or sharing on social media. You may reach out to these provincial representatives at the contact information given, for more on safe boating in that region.

As well, you’ll find more great boat safety information at or

Since 1995...

Safe Boating Awareness Week has been the mainstay of boating safety to over 16 million people who recreate on Canadian waters. The 2021 campaign will still be reaching out to Canadian boaters but, due to Covid-19, will be a little different in many ways.

Boating is not quite into full gear yet, with some areas of the country open and some soon to open. Because many are getting onto the water in time for Safe Boating Awareness week, we want to remind you of not just our 5 key messages for boating safely, we will also want you to keep in mind recommendations related to physical distancing and who should be and not be on your boat.

A key issue as the boating season begins is for now you can expect fewer boaters on the water, so there will be less chance of having help close at hand if you run into trouble. Plus, if you do get into trouble, you will put extra stress onto rescue resources.

weather to boat app icon

Watch for the Weather to Boat App later this season.

This FREE App from the CSBC will be your one stop shop for boating. In addition to up-to-date marine and local weather forecasts for your area, it also provides lots of information that will help you enjoy your boating experience even more. File an electronic trip plan with emergency contact alerting, check on the safety equipment required for your vessel, enhance your boating knowledge with boating safety tips and videos, find geo-referenced marinas and boat launches close to you and much more. Let the new Weather to Boat App help you decide whether to boat and keep tabs on the weather while you are out.